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8 2009-07-05 23:12:34

Hello Railbird Friends,

I read a blog recently concerning a fellow Railbird's success in not smoking for over 220 days now (Congrats again, Seymour!): I'm sure cigarettes have played a role in my own health issues as I have a degenerative bone disease and discovered that smoking actually accelerates the deterioration of bone matter! Ouch!!

I wanted to let my Railbird friend know that anyone on Medicaid can get FREE Smoking Patches (or gum) by calling 1-800-784-8669: After answering a few questions pertaining to your personal smoking history, they ask for your address and send you a months worth of free patches or gum to assist anyone on Medicaid who wants to quit smoking.

Your friend,


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there are also some herbal remedies to stop the craving of nicotine

2009-07-06 04:26:03


1800QUITNOW(7848669) does NOT require you to be on medicare or medicaid to get help quitting.  Most people are eligible to receive FREE help (1 month supply of gum or patches) in quitting.  They don't just send you the patches or gum, they provide telephone assistance and coaching in quitting.

If I recall correctly, part of this is funded by the tobacco companies as part of their settlements in several lawsuits brought by States.

They have a limited supply of smoking cessation aids, and operate on a first-come first-served basis.

2009-07-06 04:12:34


Funny how anybody on Medicaid can still afford cigarettes anymore to begin with! Oh yeah, we all pay fr them. Next thing ya know, they will be paying for their cigarettes too. Some people I know have 4 kids under the age of 6 and they aren't married (but live together) So ,she gets Medicaid for her and her kids. Food stamps, free gas card to go to work. (which she doesn't ) and he makes 500$ a week in cash. How nice for them huh!

2009-07-06 04:12:34


I am not a 'welfare ho'. I am a 54 year old woman, recently widowed and disabled - being disabled and widowed qualified me for medicaid. Neither of these situations were my choosing and as I was in college with a 4.0 GPA when my husband died, I had much higher hopes for my life than becoming disabled and being forced to use Medicaid because I lost my insurance benefits when my husband died...

Not everyone on Medicaid wants to be, nor do they all have a million kids to qualify for a free ride in life and a desperate search for doctors or dentists that even take Medicaid patients.

Personally, I don't intend to stay in the situation I am in now - I am quitting smoking, finishing college, and hope to work from home one day with a company that offers insurance benefits and pays enough that I will no longer need disability benefits. Don't try to classify everyone on Medicaid into one huge group of welfare ho's. It's not fair or right.


2009-07-06 04:12:34


First of all, Thank you linda for giving peolpe who need to quit, A link 2 doing so. Second of all I dont think it's right for peolpe 2 take advanage of other's who need help 2 miss use help from the goverment 2( having someone live with them & not need help when they have a nother good income coming in already........There are 2 many peolpe who need help & can't get it. I had to be on goverment assistance's when my kid's were little, Not because I whated 2 either. My health would keep peolple from highering me & back than, I had alot of neighbor's who would trade or give their food stamp's / money 4 thing's that were suppose to go to their kid's. I feed alot of other people kid's because I couldn't see them going hungary, And if I had 2 do it again , I would. Because that's what it's for the kid's. And I made sure my kid's & other kid's had food, If they were hungary. But I wouldn't feed their parent's. And beleive my I had alot of peolple tell my. O you can trade your food stamp's & go out partying with the money. With us. It made me sick how people could think of themself's before their kid's. So to those who miss use them, you should be a shamed of yourself. And it will come back on you 2.

You do good, It will come back on you, BUT if you do bad it will too. 10 time's worst. Maybe I'm wrong about that, But I dont think I am. Have a great day on & off the felt.

2009-07-06 04:12:34


Just would like to say that though I understand Russdog's frustration, not everyone is on medicaid becuase they are welfare ho's.  Some are on due to disability and would love to work and pay they own way if they could. 

Yes there are alot of people who just use it to avoid work, but certainly you cannot include everyone in that stereotype.  And for the record, NO I am not on MA, but I see many who do need it and use it appropriately, and just wanted to put in a word for them.:)

2009-07-06 04:12:34


smoke free for 5 yrs now..I use the money i used to spend for cigaeretts for poker now LOL....one addiction to another I thinks it's called transfering...LOL

best of luck on his staying away from them..it's ahrd but he can do it!!!

good luck on and off the tables


2009-07-06 04:12:34


Thank you for the information.  I think they are acting on their own behalf as smoking causes many health issues (which the state or agency will end up paying for if the smokers stay on assistance) however, I do feel if those people can afford cigarettes... they could also afford the patch or gum.  Just my 2 cents.  THANK YOU for the information though!

2009-07-06 04:12:34