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3 2007-05-14 10:33:57

I have a great idea guys!!!!!!!  I keep seeing all these blogs about, what's the answer to the question, what's the password, anyone know the answer?????  What is this?  Can't you guys do a search or a lil investigating just like the rest of us?  Ok, so there is a few different points of view on this subject right?  Yeah, I know it is.  Some don't think it's right to ask or post the answer for everyone.  Some don't see a problem with it.  Well, here's my suggestion to FIX that problem.  If all of you want the answer SO bad, then maybe someone should write a blog.  For example.........

Name: J C Tran

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Cashes: 62

Total Winnings: $5,093,335

First Place Finishes: 6

ProRank 1 Position: 1  [ DETAILS ]

Age: 30

Marital Status: Single

Children: 0

Started Playing Poker: Local Sacramento Card Rooms/ Silver Fox

Favorite Poker Game: No Limit Texas Hold'em

Ambition: To become a well respected poker player in tournaments and cash games. To win consistantly year in and year out. Win lots of money and donate to charity. G

Hobbies: Sports, partying, sports, partying

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Eletronic, R&B

Favorite Place: Not yet to be discovered...

Poker Players I Respect Most: Jerry Patton

If I could change anything in the world: For the world to unite as one and we all work together to build world peace.

JC Tran also known as area23JC also won the WCOOP in 2006

Isn't this a better way of going about it?  So, not only do you get the answer but you also learn something other than just the answer to some question to get into a freeroll.

This is just my opionion on it.  Please feel free to comment on this blog. 



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i think its a good idea, since thats the point of making you look for the answer anyway.  it does suck that people are too lazy to do the work for themselves though... but really is it any skin off anyones back to tell em the answer?  actually i really don't care about this subject.. i dont know why i'm even commenting.  lol

2007-05-14 15:33:57


Admin has asked us to delete any blogs with the answers to the poker stars trivia password.  Since the game has already started, I'll leave this blog up as way for all to know.  It's not like it's hard to find the password anyways... put some effort into it an earn your entry like everyone else. :)

2007-05-14 15:33:57


Thx Quasi.  I posted this after the tournament started.  I was one of the ones complaining about everyone posting the password's.  lol.  But I thought this would be a good way to make people realize a few things about poker and about railbirds.  :-)


2007-05-14 15:33:57