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10 2007-08-23 05:14:14
This was posted this afternoon...just wanted to see how many sickos hang out in the evenings here.....I'll bet there are several....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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not very nice wheres the girls lol

2007-08-23 10:29:28


lmao real good one   weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2007-08-23 10:27:36


lmao,u was gonna get a scolding me!!!!        hehehe! too funny!

2007-08-23 10:23:38


Geez,I was just going to watch some movies and................this is very funny,thanks for the laugh!!!!!

2007-08-23 10:21:52


lol that was good

2007-08-23 10:14:14


Oh sure, and the Mom has to put up the first comment LOL!!! Hey, he is kinda cute!!!

2007-08-23 10:14:14


I was just stopping by to check if she was OK. I knew that she was going to be alone. I was just going to warn her of all the SICKOS out there.


2007-08-23 10:14:14


Hell 50 is a young girl for me !......:D   lol

2007-08-23 10:14:14


all of your names & fingerprints from your mouses have been recorded...:eek:

2007-08-23 10:14:14


I wasn't going to do anything, honest....I just came to let her know that she shouldn't do that sorta stuff........oh the trunk full of panties....hmmm I was just tryin to help her with back to school costs....honest....I've never done anything like this before....My address?  I uh live in my Mom and Dad's basement.                             

2007-08-23 10:14:14