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What happened to Jamie Gold

13 2007-04-26 06:12:54
All of the other main event winners of the last several years have made appearances or have endorsements. What Happened to Gold ? I agree that he was obnoxious and lucky winning the main event but has the poker world turned its back on him ?

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he plays often on ftp.... i watch him alot

2007-04-26 11:44:44



2007-04-26 11:12:54


He just got knocked out of the WPT championship going all-in with 6 4  offsuit...

2007-04-26 11:12:54


he was with bodog but evelyn ng is hotter so they took him out!

2007-04-26 11:12:54


Jamie Gold has made a donkey of himself following his win.  He handled his "sponsorship" issue over the $12 Million poorly, and he lost his BoDog sponsorship due to US Government restrictions on funding of internet gambling.

All in all, he's a flash in the pan that won't be around many of the final tables in poker.

2007-04-26 11:12:54


You know I've heard it said that he lost his Bodog sponsorship because of the US government restrictions on internet gambling - but last I saw David Williams still had his sponsorship, and I thought Evelyn Ng did too.  Funny he is the only one that had the sponsorship pulled.

2007-04-26 11:12:54


The only place I've seen Jamie Gold is High Stakes Poker on GSN.

2007-04-26 11:12:54


He has his own multi-million dollar dollar agency, i dont think he's worried about endorsments.

2007-04-26 11:12:54


Phil Hellmuth has the chip lead by the way.... see cardplayer.com

2007-04-26 11:12:54


i think i saw him on the heads up championship on nbc


2007-04-26 11:12:54


He played in the US Champs late last year and on TV now.  Went out quietly...odd character.

2007-04-26 11:12:54


he's also on a number of poker shows like the high stakes, PPT, and PAD

2007-04-26 11:12:54


remember the smelly british guy on the wsop "IT ow aye ply"he had the soccer jersey that hadn't been washed. He seemed like an asshole and jamie gold seems like asshole . When I think of those two guys thats the first thing in my head. I haven't  seen anyone touch jg since he payed johnny chan to like him. OH and some bodog models.f that dude

2007-04-26 11:12:54