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Pokerstars soon to be a reality once again for US players?

27 2012-04-26 00:20:18
With all the news in the past 24 hours or so it opens up countless possibilities and has excited the masses for many reasons. On the surface Pokerstars buying Fulltilt and their debt can mean a number of things. Most importantly repaying all those that have money tied up. PS settling with the DOJ is very curious to me. I heard rumblings for a while that the DOJ didn't have a leg to stand on against pokerstars the company in court and that if they could work out a settlement while still hammering the " bad guys " such as Campos they could save face. OK lets say the deal is for real PS settles and becomes a hero to us players everywhere. They reopen FT on the same platform as before, except this time u have all new management on both ends. Now u have the two largest brands in Poker together with the best customer service in the market and the largest player pool in the world. Every other room has to be shaking in their boots. Party Poker has to be shaking their heads. Ok, now the US makes up 25% of online poker players which at the moment are loyal to merge and a few of the newer rooms out there. Ok now that PS are on the good side of the law, management has been cleared out with the owner agreeing to step down with this deal. And the fact that pokerstars never really got in trouble for offering poker to US residents, it was for the transactions made and more for the shady way they were made. My point here is the fact that poker is NOT illegal in the US, if it was how are so many rooms on the cake network and the merge network still able to offer it? I can name atleast 10 different sites or skins that i could deposit on right now with my visa. Or have they just not gotten caught yet? Pokerstars chose not to allow us customers after their domain name was returned, but they have taken all the steps to be in position and in the good graces of the government to make a return. I know many people have said they will never return, many say they don't need us. They have to have a small interest to absorb 330 million in debt from FT thats owed to players including about 130 million to US players alone. Here is the 750 million dollar question. If all this is true, pokerstars is cleared from all civil criminal liabilities, they buy the 2nd largest poker room on the planet. other than a binding legal agreement between them and the DOJ why wouldn't they, or couldn't they open their doors to US players again? Obviously we don't have regulation in the US yet, which we do need at some point to prevent shady shit from going on again, transparency with deposits and withdrawals and such. But legallly could they not in theory open up the minute the ink dries on this deal?

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the feds know all these sites continue to do business, all they gotta do is read any
thread on any poker forum. Merge is growing everyday and they pretty much control the US
market. I don't see why pokerstars could not just take WU transfers, no banks are handling
the transaction, its essentially person to person. Im just baffled at how merge has
continued to operate all this time. Carbon for example won't take any deposit unless its
WU from US players

2012-04-28 05:20:13


Thanks for clearing that up, though I was speaking as if everything in the US was

2012-04-27 23:47:43


nobody's (Americans that is) money will ever be "safe" on any online poker site as long as
the UIGEA is in force . . .

As long as poker is seen as "gambling" by the Feds, the processing of payments will always
be a risky venture. The sites currently operating in the US are taking a risk, knowing
full well accounts could be intercepted, and chalking that up to the "cost of doing

It is only until that cost becomes prohibitive that you have sites abandoning the US
market, just as Everleaf has done.

I will say that I would have no problem at all with being wrong about it all, and I even
have a sliver of hope that I am.

2012-04-27 23:28:08


There are no more FTP pro's lol so cleaning them out shouldn't be a problem haha. I'll
play on FTP software again if it's being run by PokerStars, at least then I know my money
is safe.

2012-04-27 23:15:28


I see them coming to Nevada as long as the state approves them but as for FTP I won't play
on that site at all and Poker Stars should fire all of the FTP Pro's if the sale goes
through a new start means cleaning out the FTP Closet of old,musty,crusty crap.

2012-04-27 20:03:18


As long as it stays in state and doesn't cross the borders then the Feds will not be
getting involved. If we want to play against people from other states and countries
without fear of Federal interferance that's where we need a Federal law, but as long as it
all stays in state then there won't be an issue, and really there won't be much revenue in
most states I don't think.

2012-04-26 17:44:05


this DoJ is in numerous fights with the states at the moment 73

2012-04-26 17:38:19


I don't see the Feds getting involved if states allow online gambling. That would be like
the fight with Arizona over their immigration law. The Feds rarely get in fights with
states. I doubt they would allow us to just start right back up with PS. I would guess
that the states would have to allow it through US casinos. They are going to want someone
to either report wins to IRS or collect the taxes for IRS. However it is done nobody gets
to play without Big Brother getting his cut. I highly doubt that PS as the ones
responsible would be acceptable unless they did join a US based Casino that the Feds could
reach out and touch. lol I also just can't see the gov passing up the chance to impose
their view of regulation. Big Brother always thinks his nose needs to be as far up every
ass as possible.

2012-04-26 17:29:50


i feel this whole debacle might help give a little more incentive to make it happen,
lawmakers could clarify it easily atleast give us somewhere to start from. Politicians are
aware of the rallying cry across the us for regualtion and legalization and many have as
much as agreed it needs to happen. More and more sponsors from both sides are jumping
onboard senator bartons bill and with the right people involved they could slide the bill
in like they did the port act in 2006. I know chances are slim before 2013 but it could
happen, im glad to see momentum building and like many others who thought pokerstars was
history in the US, we now have an outside chance of atleast at some point having them

2012-04-26 17:09:17


Yes, a future administration could interpret the wire act differently, and states
operating online lotteries would be forced to stop. That was my point, the DoJ doesn't
make law. So if that were to happen, those states forced to stop online lottery sales
would have to sue the Fed, and then the courts would decide the issue.

Same with poker, unless and until we get court clarification, it really is up to the
administration on how and what is enforced.

I'm not just trying to be a naysayer, just cautioning not to get too optimistic. We've
been hearing legislation is right around the corner, but to those who follow politics, it
doesn't even seem to be a topic for conversation.

Lotteries are state operated . . . funny how government looks at things . . . my state has
a big lottery business, but online poker is a felony. go figure, which one is more
obviously harmful gambling.

I'm as hopeful as anyone that something is done to restore the game, I just don't see
every glimmer of light as a sure sign of the dawn.

2012-04-26 16:54:25


Also if the DOJ changed it's opinion of the wire act to accommodate state online
lotteries. It stands to reason that future DOJ's will not act on a "whim" and make online
gambling illegal under the wire act, as this action would also make the lotteries illegal.

2012-04-26 13:38:58


Curt, I'm certainly not an expert on the UIGEA or the new Nevada law, but I don't think it
was written to directly conflict with federal law as medical marijuana laws do.

Also from my understanding, states can legally operate online lotteries. If you recall it
was a state request for clarification of whether or not online lotteries would be legal
that caused the change in wire act enforcement. So if state operated gambling for
lotteries is legal, then state operated gambling for ipoker would also be legal.

2012-04-26 13:32:01


right on curt i guess we need to just sit back and see what develops

2012-04-26 06:19:33


well Roadbob, medical marijuana is "legal" in some states, yet the DEA still puts those
people in jail. so as far as what Nevada does, without the approval of the Fed, it still
isn't kosher.

now I don't know anywhere that says online poker is illegal, but unless and until one of
these sites grows the balls to take the case to court and prevail, the DoJ will run
roughshod over the industry as it sees fit.

As for the DoJ opinion on the wire act, that is all that is, an opinion. The DoJ is an
enforcement body, and they can choose what laws to enforce and how to enforce them as a
matter of policy, not law. This administration could, as could any future administrations,
decide to enforce the wire act differently on a whim.

2012-04-26 06:08:11


its legal already, and according to the doj opinion on the wire act the only thing
specifically illegal is sports betting. i don't think anyone with any power involved here
has a real clue of whats going on

2012-04-26 06:00:19


If by some miracle Ron Paul makes the presidency, then poker will more than likely be
legalized officially. He disagrees with the federal government doing a ban like they did.

2012-04-26 05:52:50


My take from reading some other forums is that this deal will give pokerstars a way into
the US market when it becomes legal either on a state or federal level.

Also you are incorrect about not having legislation in the US. Online poker has been
legalized in Nevada and the state is now in the process of issuing licenses and setting up
the regulatory framework.

While this doesn't help most US players, it's a step in the right direction with hopefully
more states falling in line. My guess is many of the states want to wait and see how it
works out in Nevada and then will go from there.

At this point I think a time frame for federal legislation is anyone's guess if it even
happens in the first place.

2012-04-26 05:32:44


it could happen but its like curt said there would have to be some changes to the law
which could happen but unless something happens in the lame duck session i doubt it until
next spring. im sure the politicians are paying attention at whats happening whether it
motivates them or not is yet to be seen

2012-04-26 05:22:55


to be honest its anyones guess at this point. i just want us all to be able to go back,
not just to PS but to luvin as well

2012-04-26 05:18:50


Fingers crossed ..hope election year doesn't slow the process as I believe it may ughhhhh
... but still sounds like music to my ears ..I miss FTP and PS baddddddddd

2012-04-26 05:14:21

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