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Last seen online: 2013-08-31 02:44:33

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1 2012-03-01 00:36:58
Hey fellow birdies... Its the Wack back again,,, A bit of an update of hows things have been at the tables. some work buddys an me have organised a poker group which consist of around 30 plus members, we have a game on the first Saturday of each month. The host gets to nominate the buy-in,, between $30 - $50 though. average around 20 players per game. Ive won one and got 3 thirds. usually pay top 4 over 20 runners and its top 5. I still play online at Poker Stars (Hilux05) and William Hill Poker. Tell you that William Hill site is damn tricky. Lots of hard out gamblers ready to coin flip alot of funky hands at the cash tables. Play no higher the 25c - 50c Ring Games. Play with the Euro an Pound tables. Overall I am down at that site by 4 $300 buy-ins.... Alot of reviews from people who have player or still play there say its rigged to the hilt. My last 7-8 months of play have been on the down swing but before that I had a great run early to mid year last year. Im losing on My BIG HANDS. the hands I was winning on. Take it all in my stride. I only get through around 2 - 4 k hands a month. Sometimes less. My live play at the casino in my area in Gold Coast,,,, they have a $2 - $4 table. I take $200 when I sit down. On average I have earnt around $70 n hour. Havent put to many hours in down there,,,, but goood solid play usually gets the money. You must be aggressive to chase out the drawin hand donkey player... One time after playin for a few tight hours I got Kings in UTG2 so I limpt in with Kings ,,,, it was a fairly aggressive table got 2 more callers and thena bloke raised $20 to go other fold then back to me I re-raised to $60 other fold the raiser flat calls,, a good drop for my KINGS I lead out $120 to go,,, ol' mate tanks for a bit known he missed his Ace X then reluctanly folded. Had Aces 3 times in that session and won 3 times. Our last home with my work buddys it took 2 hours before the fisrt player busted out, It was yours truly. My A-K vs Q-8 vs K-J ,,, I was the dealer,,, It was allin preflop. close to a $13k pot,, I dealt a good flop for my A-K nice turn card ,,, The I bowed my head closed my eyes and dealt the RIVER CARD and all hear was ol' mate Wynny say " I've hit an 8,,, never been first out of our home games before after 8 games we played. then i got on the piss and help out with the game did some dealer ,, smoke some nice Ganja an enjoyed the night,,,, OVER N OUT from The Wack:

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g'day mate....great to see ya again....some groovy pics in yer gallery too..:)

not many birds left from the antipodes....we got one in the lunatic clan..rb name...'
mat_hardy '...where ever did jonty rhodes and the pokeroos go i wonder..?

glgl to ya mate...


2012-03-02 08:32:21