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i hate it when people cry about a loss

7 2011-03-13 00:04:28
I was recently playing in an all in or fold tournament with the railbirds a few nights ago and i had a hand with A4 suited in the small blind and someone on the button went all in..i called because with it being all in or fold i'm just playing this game for fun and not really caring..anyways the guy had QQ and wouldn't you know it the fish (me) sucked out an ace and knocked him out...i understand being frustrated with the hand, but the guy was calling me names and i said sry bud gl next game and he was still going on for a little bit...like i said i understand getting angry and stuff over a loss like that..but it was only a 2 dollar buy in with not much money to be won unless u knocked a bunch of people out of the tournament because it was a $2.50 with 2 bucks going towards knockouts with about 30 people playing.. but get over it..it all in or fold game and i was just having fun..i know i'm saying the same thing over but why do people have to get so pissed off over 2 bucks? i'd understand if it was a 2 dollar tourney for a chance at $100 bucks or so..but it wasn't so chill because i probably would have taken it more serious and not played my A4...if i suck out i apolgize but when you play an ALL IN or FOLD game..its gonna happen..its a gambling game sorry bud gl next game and dont freak out..if you freak out over 2 bucks..then dont play

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These are the hands that make us all know it is fake. I raised. they all call. Look at this bs.

2011-03-13 07:02:43


players who cant take a beat dont understand poker, and you should put a note on them, mute thier ass, and move on. lol

2011-03-13 06:50:16


lose with qq,kk, & aa only a couple times in your career??!!!
try losing with qq,kk, & aa a couple times every other day.....
that would be more like it.

2011-03-13 06:38:49


ok i understand being frustrated..because its just part of poker..you are going to lose your KK or QQ or AA a couple times in your poker career.. i understand the frustration..but dont freak out and call people names and rant on about their play.. at least not when you lose $2 which should only be about 2% of your bankroll..even if you play $100 it should only be 2% of your bankroll..and if you lose get frustrated fine..but dont keep ranting on the table and calling people names..its only 2 bucks..so move on and yes i changed the title to what i meant

2011-03-13 05:17:47


maybe they were havin a bad day...and that suckout pushed em over the edge...ya never know...

for once i agree with russ here...

glgl to ya

2011-03-13 05:14:10


How about this call? I dont hate her for calling. I am still wondering why she did. But, what can i do? She took a chance with A5 and won.

2011-03-13 05:13:17


Hate? Really? I am sure you just mean that you hate the crying, not the people!

2011-03-13 05:10:38