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9 2010-05-17 06:58:19
I had to show you all this, its only a normal tourney with small money but this type of luck never happens to me, we both went all in pre-flop.....Railbird image uploaded: May 17, 2010 1:54 am

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Had a feeling this hand would get posted LOL. Was a bad end to a good day SSSHHHAAAZZZAAAAMMM.

2010-05-17 22:07:25


wow  that is   a  killer  flop   yep   must   feel  good  to  spike  4th  K   for  sure   i hate  when  you  see  AA against  KK   i dont  care  feel  bad  for  the  player  that goes  out   hand  almost  just  plays  it  self  and  you need  to get  lucky  with  KK  to win 

2010-05-17 12:49:46


that's a pretty messed up hand! FTP is happy with you, rob, it let you hit a 1-outer! :D :D :D

you must now worship FTP gods... they require a virgin sacrifice! hehe! :D

2010-05-17 12:40:47


You have to admit, its a good feeling when you suck out.

2010-05-17 12:38:57


hey Russy ! 

stfu !

2010-05-17 12:30:44


4 kings and 3 aces in one hand? LOL. Seems normal to me on Full-o-aces-and-kings.com. I see their low cards are all still at the dry cleaners. LOL

2010-05-17 12:21:28


A2 will beat KK 99% of the time, but AA loses to KK 99% of the time. It is a joke of a site. As soon as you all realize that, the sooner we can move on and quit pretending to be playing poker.

2010-05-17 12:18:25


It is because you are either too good to call this crap, or you know that even AA will lose to KK 99% of the time.  Or this is meant to be a joke. This isnt real poker. It is all designed for action with all high cards and pairs. Real poker isnt like this every hand!!

2010-05-17 12:16:12


You cut me out of the pic.. :( 

I could have been famous!

2010-05-17 12:13:12