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grandma and male stripper NAKED!!!!

62 2010-02-01 19:58:17

:eek:  :eek:

got u PERV!!!!!!!!!!


i have software that tracks the persons ID and their IP Address who have visited this page.

I  WILL POST UP UR NAMES in the next week!!!!!!! ( u can bribe me to take ur name off...,i take things off the McDonalds  DOLLAR menu)


u have one week

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I hope it does make all of those who still have their grandparents take a little time out of their day to give them a call.

I was so lucky, I was actually in my late 40's when they died. They both made it to 100 and in my grandfathers case he was almost 102. About 3 or four years before they died  I sat with them over a several month period and interviewed them on tape. Since they were both born in the late 1800's they had seen things evolve that can only be described as amazing. They were married almost 80 years and raised 14 kids plus me their oldest grandchild. My GM was a full blood Seminole indian and was raised on a reservation most of her childhood years. She knew about prejudices and for all of her life she railed against it for all, black, brown or blue people. I decided that they had too much history to just let slip away and over many months made almost two dozen tapes talking to them.

My gandfather was in the "real" Calvary and when he got out they gave him two horses and a pack mule (he was an officer) and since he was stationed on the Texas/Mexican border he had to make his way back to his wife and kids in North Texas on the Oklahoma border. IMAGINE THAT!!! This story alone about his days on the trail going home is a book into itself. They described seeing their first cars, planes, Interstate hiways, big cities, televisions, WWI, WWII, Korea, sons going to war, Presidents assassinated, man on the moon (GM never believed that) lynchings of poor black men, segregation (which they never understood but never contemplated complete equality, but those were the times they lived in) rockets, jets, dogs in space, computers and on and on.

This blog has made me finally decide to get all of those tapes on CD and get them to my family members. I want this CD placed in the hands of every young person in my family and they be made to listen to every word. My kids have all heard them and it has truly made them reflect and question things that they have always taken for granted.

2010-02-03 06:32:52



DAMN U   jhuggs  making us think of our GMAs and how fun they are:D

2010-02-03 00:41:54


Ahhhh damnit now im gonna cry to

2010-02-03 00:22:22


What's wrong with grandma and a male stripper? she may have asked for him!

2010-02-03 00:12:18


2010-02-03 00:10:50



jj this WILL be my hobby.  :cool:

.........and eating double cheeseburgers

2010-02-03 00:06:00


u all have 6 more days till THE LIST. :D

remember to leave one day for shipping the menu item. ill be waiting.

already got TWO parfaits from bebe and a wheel barrell of a guys stomach full of McyDs from Hall1980.

when i get everything we ll have  McyDs Dollar menu party (minus the parfaits since i already ate them)


2010-02-03 00:04:24


hmmmm joe joe joe---we really gotta find u a hobby sweetyRailbird image uploaded: Oct 18, 2008 9:31 pm

2010-02-02 23:56:10


jhuggs very touching brought a tear to my eyes thinking of my GMA...:p

also like that she wouldve been the one in the picture with the stirpper very funny...:D

2010-02-02 23:53:04


The cops came by asking about you....something about some pot I supposedly bought from you....cough, cough!

2010-02-02 17:54:07


CT all kidding aside that picture brought a little tear to my eye. She looks a lot like my grandmother. Parents being parents and of course people who can never be replaced in your life, your grandparents, and in my case especially my grandmother is missed terribly.

I am so lucky I had my grandmother with me until I was over 50 so her memory is not just some distant vision from the past. She and my grandfather raised me after my father died. What a tremendous woman. I can truthfully say she would have been the first to hire a male stripper. She was a hoot.

Enjoy her while you can, she looks priceless!!!!!

2010-02-02 16:21:08


funny $h!t :D

2010-02-02 16:10:28


here she is, if you find her sleeping on your floor or lawn after a party please contact me plz

2010-02-02 15:43:20


damn it pic wont come out LOOOL

2010-02-02 15:35:55


2010-02-02 15:35:25


I thought you got pics of my grandmother wilding out again

we call her PARTY TIME NANA!


2010-02-02 15:34:47


granny_clampett.jpg clampett image by kimmi_528  rheumatizz,  bump

2010-02-02 13:46:32


lol,  I wasn't  here,,,  I swear

2010-02-02 13:32:29



2010-02-02 13:25:21


Shucks, thought it would be something new.  I have pictures of your grandma also.  Do you want to exchange? I already have the one with the stripper.

2010-02-02 13:23:41

Viewing 1-20 of 62 comments