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Full-Tilt Poker...r u kidding me???

15 2011-05-20 22:31:45
Altho they wont transfer my money in my acct. back to me, I did get $.14 in rakeback.  Really, Full-Tilt?  And how did I earn that??

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Here's a link to the story I referenced above:

BUT, now DOJ is denying that any accounts were unfrozen.  If true, then this goes against the initial news that DOJ would work with the sites to ensure player money is returned.  Not sure what to believe at this point, but it's a mess, and not entirely FT's fault.  Still, doesn't matter who's fault it is - we still don't have our funds :(

Link to denial story:

It is surely a mess - and not entirely within FT control.  As a small business owner myself, it scares me silly that the DOJ can come in and kill your business, even if the charges turn out to be unprovable.  I used to think that the banking charges would be the hardest to beat, but then I read a really great article by a lawyer who works specifically with poker related cases.  He thinks it can all be beat.  I just hope FT and PS have the where-with-all left to stick it to the feds.  But even if they do, they probably won't get any restitution.

Legal info links:
This story is the most comprehensive:

These are also very good:

2011-06-01 14:12:05


Update:  might be a little longer folks.  Saw an article that DOJ finally released the freeze on ONE key account this week, but that only covers about 1/3 of US player's funds.  Don't think they will be doing an cashouts until DOJ unlocks the other 2/3 of the funds.

In addition, the DOJ started freezing accounts several days before the indictments were unsealed - leaving FT in particular with some $60 million in backlogged transactions that never actually completed.  That's a lot of crap to unravel.  Under the circumstances, I think they have demonstrated a fair amount of tenacity in sorting this out.

If I were the one trying to unravel this mess at FT, I would be tearing my hair out about now.  If you're gonna be angry at someone, direct it at DOJ, not FT.  Maybe call a representative or two?  DOJ should not be taking this long to release the funds necessary to complete the payouts.

2011-06-01 13:39:40


I had played a few tournies and took some bad beats right before the shut-down.  I thought I was having a run of bad luck but I guess the way things turned out maybe my luck wasn't as bad as I thought, just my play.  I have .01 in my acct. lol.  I have not been there to check any rakeback.  

2011-05-21 23:49:59


Railbird image uploaded: Feb 24, 2010 9:09 pm 
Hey!!! Anybody see my $140 dollars thats missing from my acct??????? YO!

2011-05-21 16:30:49


According to their weekly updates, these are the last steps needed before making disbursements.  They've now cashed out T$ and tournament tickets, and completed the last (previously blocked) rakeback payments.  I will be surprised if we don't get cash out instructions some time late next week.

When I first started reading up on this, it became clear that FT was in a much worse position than PS because of which funds (and how much) were frozen by the DOJ.  I would not be surprised if they are having to provide a lot more documentation to the DOJ about all these transactions necessary, and that may be a big part of the delay.

I just wish they didn't have to do it at all... I'd much rather continue playing with the money I had built up there than cash out and start all over somewhere else.

2011-05-21 12:31:37


All too funny... got a few bucks from my rakeback today too. Got another few bucks from tickets. Still have a lot of iron man freerolls and weekly freeroll tickets. Was too busy to use em for a while. And a tstack of FTPs that will go to waste i guess.

< CHL >

2011-05-21 08:10:59


so u cant use the player points u earned spending your hard earned money on there site simply because they cant make money off of u anymore, what a fkn joke........and u guys are counting the days hoping to be able to go back to that garbage place? HAHAHA, i missed ftp for all of 3 days & that was that, they did me a favor banning usa there, i will never play real money there again. its pointless

2011-05-21 08:00:56


Yep , BC , I got the same notice of cancellation of my order . Back to a bunch of useless points . Attempt failed . 

2011-05-21 05:17:31


I just checked my email and I have nothing from full tilt to explain the extra 140 in my account, but would sure love to have it.

I did notice that my two steps tickets are gone, but cant check iron man metals.

Still have all my full tilt points

2011-05-21 04:39:44


I also got additional money. I had several tickets to the daily Dollar and the Big Little Tournament. I guess that is where it came from. I still have 16 tickets to the Weekly Freeroll to the 1K.

2011-05-21 04:17:20


Correction, I got an additional 140$ in my account today, quess I need to find out where the additional 100 came from

2011-05-21 04:02:25


Between rakeback and tickets, I got an additional 40$ in my account today.

2011-05-21 03:59:51


Hmmmm well dunno sounds like some progress .... i guess ..... gl yes

2011-05-21 03:51:33


I had $130.55 in my account last night...... today I get rakeback of $7.48....which should have made a total of $138.03.......but instead I have $140.80............I had no tickets to cash in , had bought no tickets or anything after 4/15/11.... SO my question is where did the other $2.77 come from??

NOT complaining at all.... just dont know how they figured it. :)

2011-05-21 03:45:04


I feel ur pain!

Dear bcrawley51,

Due to recent events in the United States, all unshipped Full Tilt Store orders have been cancelled and the Full Tilt Points refunded to your account.

Tournament and Ring Game Ticket purchases after Friday, April 15th have also been refunded. 

Details of your refund are as follows:

Your Store Refund Details
Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH
Full Tilt Poker Card Protector
Logitech Z313 PC Multimedia Speaker System
Sony MDR NC7 Noise Cancelling Headphones

2011-05-21 03:36:46