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should we always auto muck?

22 2011-03-05 20:17:42
i was talking about this with a friend and both had diff opinions on the subject ..i figured why not ask the birds what they think about it

the question is simple should we always muck or not and why?? or is there a good situation to show cards??

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ty for commenting birds!!

2011-03-07 06:40:01


Personally, i have 'auto-muck' ON and NEVER show my cards under any circumstances (not even bluffs), unless someone pays to see them.

It simply comes down to information and the fact that i wan't my opponents to have the least possible info about me and my play as possible.


2011-03-07 06:28:39


I agree with russ but I also think I could make myself look weak to be able to show after I fold..and they were bluffing..hehehe

2011-03-07 02:30:30


I usually auto muck but I do turn off  in clan games incase I wanna show my friends :) I am easy to read so its a must that I muck in other games. hehe but for those who mix it up and are hard to read they can show if they want imo.

2011-03-07 02:29:32


I love showing my bluffs, just because it gives me a lot of action for later moments in the game.  You can also earn a lot of respect by showing bluffs too (or lose a lot).  But anyways, It is a very good feeling to show a bluff in a monster pot.

2011-03-07 02:20:47


in sngs/tourneys:

this should very much depend on the style of play you are playing at the time, and how comfortable playing poker you are.

if you are a seasoned player then you should have some idea what showing hands will do to your opponent, from there you must decide if you can gain an advantage by doing so.

my recommendation for newer or casual players is to not show anything. chances are your opponents are thinking  about stuff you havent even tried to think about yet. its more likely you will help them beat you than help yourself beat them.

some basic showing hands theory (mine) follows:

obv showing bluffs can tilt people. or just make them pay way more attention to the game. showing 4 bluffs in a row will tilt almost anyone. by tilt i mean this guy will now call you down with 2nd pair and shove you w tp. showing really really stupid bluffs will have roughly the same effect except now big hands like ak, aq, overdraws are also calling you down.
**really stupid bluffs are the ones where its obvious from the line/pattern/read that either he has x ftw alot or you have y ftl alot, and you bet/raise way too much to be profitable. you make these bluffs when you are better than your opp and you have narrowed his range much further than you suspect he would suspect you have.**

showing the best hand/a good hand will (possibly) make your opps believe you are tighter/luckier/running good/ a donk. showing a really nice hand im not sure what this does. showing 3 big hands u stole w/ pre in 1 round can buy you huge credit later in late tournaments if you shut down after you do it.

things to keep in mind when showing hands:

-who is really good on your table? should you be showing them your hands?
-has anyone already shown any signs of tilting? did anyone just get badbeat/colddecked? are they good?
-any1 bitching in the chat about rigs, variance, a player at the table, a railer may be more susceptible to tilting
-what is your image? how many players are paying attention to your image? are they good?
-what will happen if your next 20 hands are really good? really bad? how desperate are you, waht is your M or chipstack:bb ratio, how many players are left and what is the expected utility of the next pay level when itm?

hope any of that halps sum1

2011-03-06 11:25:16


theres no good or bad answer to this its a personal choice but its nice to know what yall think about this

2011-03-06 10:39:15


I show in some situations, I mean if its a tough laydown for a decent player why not show them?If its a bad player you might just tilt them

2011-03-06 06:48:27


always off!

no discussion needed, the answer is fkn obv


2011-03-06 06:27:23


if u need to do a quick show

most likely a bluff show
u just hit CONTROL M
and auto muck goes on and off

this I did not know, usefull knowledge  yes

2011-03-06 05:32:23


if u need to do a quick show

most likely a bluff show
u just hit CONTROL M
and auto muck goes on and off

2011-03-06 05:14:35


i choose to have my settings on auto muck all...
however i havent always played that way, there are times when showing a hand to shake someone is very much acceptable...especially if your playing heads up

2011-03-06 03:12:54


I have auto muck on, but it's right on the table so if I feel like showing something, I can quickly uncheck it.

People show me their big hands when I fold to their raises a lot, which just lets me know I was reading them right. That can't be good for them lol

I rarely show. If I do show, I have a reason for it.

2011-03-06 02:40:12


i have auto muck on .   i say keep em guessing at all times.. they will see what i play with when they call me.. nothing free in poker

2011-03-06 02:31:09


u can show to set fools up

but all in all,,the less info they have, the better
its pay per view,,,NO PAY,,NO VIEW!!

2011-03-06 02:28:13


:confused: i really don´t understand why someone ever want to show a bluff... it is way more effective if villain has become suspicious but din´t really know.

i never show a hand for free. poker is a game of information. if you want information from me you have to pay. 1st rule in poker!

2nd rule... if you found out what happened it is to late cause i´m not giving back any money. 

2011-03-06 02:24:55


It depends on who you are playing, how you are playing.

You can build table image by showing your hand. You can give false information when showing a bluff (hoping they will follow down the rabbit hole the next time). Or you could show a good group of buddies that amazing hand you just hit! Regardless, auto-muck isn't a great thing in my opinion.

However, it does take an extra 2 seconds to muck (or so it seems). Could be valuable time if you are ever in the situation luckyfool got into.

2011-03-06 01:59:14


I don't think you shold "always" do anything .......never say never ,

knowing  when to show and what to show is a tool of the game ,

gotta be careful not too give too much info though , gl yes

2011-03-06 01:46:11


I have my auto muck turned on. Reason being mainly for heads up matches. I made a final table years back. Where the other guy got kicked offline. The hands go much faster when you're not given the option to show. I blinded him from 250k down to 70k in the matter of just a few minutes. That and I never want to give away more info than I have to. If you want to see my cards the call me. I think it can work agaisnt you for trying to set up bluffs and such.

2011-03-06 01:41:10


i have it off just bc sometimes i liketo show when i had the nutz so they wont think i stole the pot., but that only in friendly clan games. in big mtt's i usually dont show ever. 
the only reason i can think to show cards is to show a bluff in order to coax a call later in the game but i dont show bluffs or bluff much at all really so i dont find much use for it, but it coould be useful to some. so i both agree and disagree with it.

2011-03-06 01:23:53

Viewing 1-20 of 22 comments