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8 2010-05-03 16:38:17
What percentage is optimal; 8%, 15%, 18%? Do you find that the more profitable players have a higher or  lower percentage? In a 2000 hand session; is 8% too nitty?

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I use to be a nit but now I play around 25-30% VPIP and around 17-22%Pre Flop Raise %.  I studied alot of the Full Time online players and they seem to play around 22%VPIP and 17%PFR I lean more toward David Pham and Doc Sands numbers alittle bit

Doc Sands plays 45%VPIP and raises Pre Flop about 32%
David Pham plays around 38%VPIP and 26%PFR

There are alot of ways to look at it.  But Chip Accumulation is more important than Survival..  

And your cards are your weakest weapon I dont Rely on my cards until I am ITM most times.



2010-05-04 01:54:20


This was 'Full Ring' 9 players usually with the occasional 'sitting out' or open seat.

2010-05-04 01:29:26


Ful Table, short table, or head to head? I imagine its gotta be a dramaticv difference 'tween 6 and 9 handed, no? I look forward to reading more answers, 'cuzz I dunno jack.

2010-05-04 01:13:03


 Well... this was a losing session of one buy in. 

Statistics for 1854 Hands
Street Saw Saw/Total 
Flop 169 9% 
Turn 74 4% 
River 47 3% 
Showdown 28 2% 
Street Won Won/Saw Won/Total 
Pre-flop 86 5% 5% 
Flop 49 29% 3% 
Turn 11 15% 1% 
River 5 11% 0% 
Showdown 19 68% 1% 
If I open up more in 'late' position(BTN/CO/HJ); people look at it as a blind steal and play back; re-reraise,check raise, etc. ohh well.  What do you think is the situation to make a profit, 'in a cash ring game', that is most overlooked?

2010-05-04 00:34:17


I do better when I'm seeing from 10 to 15% of the flops and winning 65%  and higher of those hands.

Less than 10% I'm just card dead with bad cards on the board to go with the good pre flop cards.

If I'm seeing more than 15% of the flops I usually get a low percentage of wins with those good preflop cards due to being out drawn.  My full house being beaten by a better full house and so forth.

2010-05-03 22:46:37


I am not an online genius poker player. That said, I am most comfortable with playing LAG as I can outplay after the flop and I work position well.

My 2 cents is , 20-25% is good.... I have been as tight as single digits and done well and been as loose as 35% and dominated, however I haven't checked on a 2,000 hand spread. just talkin tourney wise.

Peace and GL, BPB

2010-05-03 22:43:07


Annie Duke says that good players see a flop with about 20% of the hands they are dealt. 8% is probably a little too tight.

2010-05-03 22:26:55


nice blog...

first..i'm a low limit donk with crap stats..you are prolly a better player than me...

i find that i have 2 games....around 12/13% (tight for me), and 22/23%(loose)...i score better with the former, but have more fun with the latter..:D:D...

but my best results come when my turn % see is a lot lot lower than my flop see....the turn % see is more important imho.....around a 3/4% turn see, and i find i do quite well...it was another bird..'jasonallin' who turned me on to the importance of the turn see%...

beep beep

2010-05-03 22:03:15