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Custom Full Tilt Table And PokerStars Theme For fastphil1

7 2009-02-27 06:37:10

This is a custom Harley Davidson Full Tilt table and PokerStars theme for fastphil1.  Good luck!

ScreenHunter_01Feb231332.jpg picture by CustomTables




ScreenHunter_03Feb231402.jpg picture by CustomTables


*Note* I use IE and Windows Vista Premium so some things may be different depending on which programs you use.

Install the stars theme from PokerStars first if it isn't already installed on your computer.

ScreenHunter_08Aug190043.jpg picture by lottie531

Close PokerStars

DOWNLOAD HERE (This link is for the above table only)

This link should only be used if you don't have an existing XThemes file in your PokerStars folder. If you have already downloaded a custom PokerStars theme before then you can pm me for a different link.

Click on the link above and then click download now

ScreenHunter_09Aug190055.jpg picture by lottie531

Select Open

ScreenHunter_10Aug190055.jpg picture by lottie531

Click once to highlight the XThemes file then click on Extract all files

ScreenHunter_13Aug190058.jpg picture by lottie531

Extract the file to C:/Program Files/PokerStars

ScreenHunter_15Aug190100.jpg picture by lottie531

open PokerStars to any table

click options

click choose theme

scroll to the bottom of the list and your theme should be there

click on your theme and hit apply

ScreenHunter_02Feb231402.jpg picture by CustomTables

Restart PokerStars if you can't see the theme image.

logo4.png picture by JAG1024

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Its not working my zip file open program cant create the file

2009-03-03 23:21:17


,greattable. just loaded on to full tilt, ill do the pokerstars one later,brilliant and thank you,

2009-03-02 01:16:04


Very nice tables!!

2009-02-28 09:48:19


Nice table's

2009-02-28 06:03:32


Very Nice Tables~!  Awesome job!

2009-02-28 05:29:37


nice very cool tables, fastphil should love them. fantastic work

cheers Jonty

2009-02-27 15:12:46


Nice lookin table :D

2009-02-27 11:46:12