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Last seen online: 2012-08-13 10:54:30

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7 2011-08-07 05:13:39
Alright, this is a situation that happened in the World Hold em freeroll...

You are in the Big Blind with Qh 9h. You have about 2,800 and the big blind is 400. There are 2 people to go to the money, and you are the shortest of all stacks. Average is around 9,000 or so. First position, along with 3 other people in middle position limp in, bringing the pot to almost exactly what your remaining chip stack is (about 2,400). The flop comes 9d jh qd. WHAT DO YOU DO????

RESULTS: I decided to push right there and try and take the big pot. Of course, I was called by the guy in first position who just happened to have 10s8s for a flopped straight, which held.

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Push all-in. Make them pay for the flush draw.

2011-08-07 13:46:05


Well, in this case I didn't really need cash, I was just playing for pride, plus the cash was pennies anyway. I thought about shoving pre-flop, and now that I think about it I should have, but I figured if I flopped a big hand I could check-raise all in and get easy callers. The jack of course, ruined those chances.

2011-08-07 12:04:35


FOLD/SHOVE PREFLOP ( to many players limped)

Your in a freeroll & need to cash.

2011-08-07 11:56:42


1.  I very well may have shoved preflop.  Even if called, you're getting a good price in terms of pot odds, and you aren't likely that far behind.  And there's a chance you won't get called and can pick up the pot without seeing another card.

2.  With so many limpers, I expect small-mid pocket pairs, suited connectors, suited one-gappers, and suited aces.  This very well could have hit a ton of that range (suited connectors, suited ace of diamonds).  With two pair and a backdoor flush draw here you have little choice other than to shove IMO.  You're likely up against a pair + flush draw, A high flush draw, possible set of 9s or 10s, maybe KT or T8 if you're called.  Even with those you'll still have 4 outs to hit your boat.  And I am with all the limpers expecting someone to call.  Time to double up with your short stack or bust.

2011-08-07 11:41:52


Right decision....bad luck.  Hand too good to pass up chance to move up.

2011-08-07 11:34:37


I would have done exactly the same....PUSH....and the results........
"Thats poker folks".............GrassDaddy

2011-08-07 10:29:42


online poker is so rigged........just a typical set up to eliminate the smaller stack.....mtt timer, happens way too much

2011-08-07 10:29:38