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Current state of Online Poker

9 2011-03-12 11:49:47
I have been away for a while and I am ready to get back online and play some cards.

My question for you is, what is the current state of online poker.

Is it still easy to deposit and cash out?

i  herd things might have changed.

Help please......

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lol over 20 reads and not a single answer :) ... thats a funky website my friend :) ...anyway ... 
i dont know about FULL TILT POKER !! i only know about pokerstars since thats where i mostly play !!
i have deposited on stars through western union ( 100$ minimum deposit and you get your $ about 10 minutes after u enter ur CTNM code from WU ) ... 
I also have cashed out from stars this week ... I asked for a check that came to my house within 5 or 6 days !! 
all i need to do now is to go cash them and see if i can actually cash them :) 
other than that i dont see any problem so far ! :) 
So GL to you ! :)

2011-03-12 16:49:47


Still fake cards. And the Russian are still cheating.

2011-03-12 16:49:47


The current state of US poker is very uneasy indecision........

dunno about depositng but withdrawing is a bit of a hassle for some ,

checks are still a go though as far as withdrawing with no deposit , gl yes

2011-03-12 16:49:47


On PS never had any problems getting check withdrawals. Withdrawed several checks the past few months with not a single delay.

I heard on FTP there have been wtihdrawing problems but dont have anyy experience with that.

Welcome back and gl!


2011-03-12 16:49:47


and yes things might chance but i dont know when  !:) 

2011-03-12 16:49:47


depends on where you're from (obv. easy to move money on & off sites outside of the US)
If there's a will, there's a way.

2011-03-12 16:49:47


Thank you for the feedback Railbirds. I am going to go ahead and give it a run on PokerStars. Thank you for your help and lets hope we can keep playin the game we enjoy.

Cheeezytot, i would love to know if you are able to cash that check with no problem

2011-03-12 16:49:47


You don't say where your from..

 in the UK it's simple. Use ANYWAY you want..

Not sure about the U.S but theres millions of U.S players still playing..

So here's a BUMP for more responses from America for you.. :)

2011-03-12 16:49:47


It seems to vary quite a bit. I have had no trouble cashing out with bank transfers. They have been coming in 2-3 days. But I have seen other people in the US say they have been waiting weeks or even months for transfers and checks.

2011-03-12 16:49:47