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pureplay.com poker, are they kidding me??

2 2008-01-12 17:35:03

Are you fed up with "server issues"? Well, we are!

This happenes continueously  that pureplay  "goes down" just in time

for a few big money tourneys to not be played.

This is becoming a real issue for them AND for us, the

players, paying and non-paying alike.

Please join our petition to Pureplay to help "talk" them

into cleaning up their "server issues".

Some of us also have trouble believing the hand outcomes.

 Pureplay uses what is called "action flops". These are

  "When you play online, you see a lot of confrontations where two or more people make very strong hands or draws and build up the pot". "The poker site makes more money from rake when the pots are larger. Therefore, it is in the site's interest to deal flops that hit more than one player's hand"

"Players are loose and the game is fast-paced. Loose play means the flop has a chance to hit more players and the fast pace means you will see many confrontations per hour".

Pureplay does not rake, instead they thrive on membership fees.

What the "action flop" does do for pureplay is get the hands

and games over with quickly.. This is technically "not playing fairly" which is

also technically known as "cheating". Who is being cheated???

US. We, the players.

Another issue or potential problem that has been brought to our attention is this

Poker Robots.

Some have speculated that cheat programs are also being

used by some online poker rooms (these programs do exist and some,

perhaps many players and poker rooms use them) to win the prizes back for them.

Who would be the wiser? I personally do not hold an opinion on this topic.

I cannot say one way or another BUT…

I would not be surprised, would you be?

 So please take a look at our petition and if you feel that there is even a grain of truth to any of what is stated, sign and pass it on. You can do this anonymously if you wish, it does not matter.

Go to

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It's just a petition on myspace,Pureplay is a pay to join poker site , that's all , it can register as a problem on certain virus programs if you download their software to your computer but so can several other poker sites .

2008-01-21 15:13:02

uk richy

Hmmm....I'm sorry but this sounds "dodgey".

I've just Googled "Pureplay.com" and the headlines are..."Removal of Malware"...The file is called PurePlayPoker.exe and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this before and if it is a virus...Why can't I log in?

I for one will not be going anywhere near this...even the petition!

This is only my 2 cents worth and it's only my feelings

2008-01-12 23:20:41