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26 2010-06-17 12:31:29
Yep you read the headline right ! I have *GASOLINE* in my brand new maytag washing machine!

"My son who is oh' so bright came home and put gas soaked clothes in my washing machine tonight".

Don't ask me why! He must of had a MAJOR BRAIN FART!!! You gotta lovem don't ya'? Well don't ya'!

It's hot as H-E double tooth picks outside and I have to have the bathroom window open because the fuems are killing me!!!

I have googled ever thing about getting gas out of clothes that have been put in the washing machine and I'm on my 5th try right now. This time it's clorox,clorox stain & grease remover,white vinegar,baby oil,baking soda,and a two cans of coke zero because I didn't have regular coke.


Hoping I don't blow up mentally and physically!  


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Contact BP, I think they know how to do this! 

GL, Wallyyes

2010-06-18 20:29:04


haha cowboy!Railbird image uploaded: Jan 14, 2010 6:10 am

2010-06-18 19:08:00


just light a match in the washer and it will burn all gas eft as well as burn the smell away!
 trust me! it works!

2010-06-18 19:01:19



I was so mad at the time I didn't even realise how many damn clothes he put in the washer. He put enough for almost three loads!!! This kid is smart as a tack but he must have had a REAL MAJOR BRAIN FART! Maybe it was from all the gas fumes ...lol.What the hell do they teach them in college nowdays.

I don't smell anymore gas but I'm washing them again just incase!

Oh Tina he had the nerve to ask for my cards to go buy new clothes if the gas didn't come out......lmao. "HELL NO! Son you have a job use your money!" He doesn't get that many hours now and his paychecks have been short but tough love because I'm not buying new ones.

Hoping I don't blow up!



2010-06-18 18:38:22


Just be careful about what kinds of chemicals you mix with the gasoline.  The fumes could make you sick or kill you if you mix the wrong chemical.

I learned that the hard way years ago when I added commet in with my wash when I ran out of bleach.  The fumes almost made me faint and it burnt the cloths.

2010-06-18 01:41:38


Oh HB , them ole' ringer washers. yep they sure was some fun lol, I actually kind of like them though, hmmmmmmmm , never thought to stick my finger in one but it does happen. I hope you get the remedy for your gas problem soon, cause it's starting to make the blog smell up a bit lmao. oh my HB, you are having a very rough time of this aren't ya. Take care and good luck to you I know it kind of suks a bit, I feel for ya friend, see ya later, Tina

I do think I'd try that orange cleaner though and also toss those clothes out and let him buy his-self some new ones!

2010-06-18 01:22:37


Reminds of the song "Weeds In My Roses" lol. No it's not really funny but I'm gonna right a song "Gas In My Washer".

Google "Weeds In My Roses" and you'll see what I mean. Hope you enjoy the phun at my expense hehe.......so tired it feels like a dream. There's another song. It Feels Like A Dream.......weeeeeee on a song roll but a washer stop lol.

2010-06-18 00:33:17



Back to cleaning out the washer MORE!

I give up will someone please just shoot me!

Damn the luck!


2010-06-18 00:14:36


I don't know who's comment I should start with first but rest assured I REALLY APPRECIATE the info in the comments!

Let me start with what happened to start this problem in the first place.

Well lil hb9 and some friends went swimming and after getting through swimming they tossed thier wet swimming trunks,clothes and towels in the back of his truck before heading home. Yep he had a gas can in the back and it turn over and leaked gas all over all the clothing and towels. He was in a rush to get home because he had to go to work this morining and just grabbed them out of the back of the truck before he came in the house so he could wash them before going to bed. He said he didn't smell anything because his sinuses were stopped up from swimming all day so that's his excuse.

Missie : I've done tried that and it didn't work plus with more cleaning agents.

Sir : I thought about ammonia but the temperture here is in the 90's plus the heat index is over a hundred and ammonia will take your breath away.<--still might have to try that before it's over.Thats' the last result because of breathing.

AG : Thx for telling me that there were two diffrent kinds and that one was pumus. Will do that for sure if I can find it here.We use to have the same thing that mechanics and do it yourselfers used called Mean Green but it was abrasive and they had the other that wasn't but it didn't sell well so I haven't seen either one in years.I don't even know if they make it anymore.

JJ: Yep I sure do want to get him a washboard & tub or an old ringer washer and let him see how it feels to wash clothes like I use to have to. Didn't do the washboard but damn those old ringer washers were hell on wheels and watchout fingers! Plus I want to bust his azz for not thinking but he's to old for that now and making him pay for it outta of his own pocket will sure put a frown and a thought of uh' oh' in his head!

Hille : Dang it I thought for sure you had an old remedy but one can't have an answer for everything.I did clean the washer out by itself several times and I can't smell a thing now but just in case I'm having a friend come over just to see if they can smell anything lol. I've smelled gas fumes all night and now my taste buds are affected. I'll get those straightened out though and be assured I'll be able to taste my vittles soon.

Keepem coming if you have anymore because I paid a nice price for the maytag washer and dryer. It took all my rainy day funds to buy them but I had little left over and now that's gone do to a ruined vacation.<---Another story all together. I sure will be glad when I can take some time off for just myself and not have to worry about anything or anyone but I don't see that happening for a long while now.

Thank You All For The Info And Comments!

Gassed Up!


2010-06-18 00:12:00


many years ago i was on my first day of work when i met a woman who had the most bizarre hair. it was very short and looked like it was matted almost flat to her head,, i also noticed that she had no eyebrows, just penciled in lines. it was one of those deals where i had to be careful not to stare,,,,i found out later that she had been soaking some clothes with oil on them in gasoline in her washer and when she lifted the lid there had been a small explosion which did burn her eye brows off and her hair was actually melted....omg!!!! it was hilarious !!!! sssssssoooooooo BE CAREFUL !!!!!

2010-06-18 00:03:12


eh-get ur son a wash board n a tub! ;)

2010-06-17 22:51:18


u should have listened earlier !! 
i told u i had a washing machine to sell lmao ! 

2010-06-17 21:37:43


Dawn dish washing liqud,,just a cap full and one cup of bakingsoda shoud do the trick,,, we had this problem at the hotel once and that is what we used, worked like a charm.  I hope that helps you.

2010-06-17 21:11:11


just make sure he gets the non pumus (sp?) kind of it..... get the creamy

2010-06-17 20:57:44


Fill your washer up with water and add 1 cup of ammonia to it with no clothes in the washer. Set the washer to go through the wash cycle as usual. The chemicals in the ammonia will break up the odors that are causing the smell of petrol. I am assuming that you washed some clothes with petrol on them. If the clothes have the smell of petrol on them add ammonia to the wash water and wash as usual and that will get the smell out of your clothes. Do not add bleach to the water with the ammonia. Will cause a poisonous gas.



not my answer just googled the info


2010-06-17 20:53:00


Dang HB ole buddy, solution very simple. For gas use Tums or Rolaids. WOOOOPS sorry wrong kind of gas.
Sure wish I had a solution for ya my friend. I do think anonymous guy is on the right track with this one though. I would use with that, only hot water. Let it go through it's wash cycle, and stop the machine. Switch the hot and cold water hoses around. Cause ya can't get all hot water for rinse cycle. Turn it back on and let it go through it's thing again. Don't use the paste kind, get the liquid orange hand cleaner. This should help ya a lot with it ole buddy. But ya for a spell will smell the gas but not nearly as much. Lot like skunk urine, needs to wear off mostly. Good luck with this my friend, hope it helps ya some.

2010-06-17 20:28:41


lmao....now I know what that bump means....you might aswell race the washer since it's already GASED up....lol

2010-06-17 20:28:13


Yep Tina it's a brand new one. Just bought it last month!


2010-06-17 19:09:45


oh I so know this is not funny but I can't help but be lmmfao, it's omg, hilarious yet terrible at the same dam time oh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, you got that one right a major brain fart , bwa hahahaha and markie lmao@you, hehehe, coke zero, for da gas in the washer hehehe, doe's sound kind of funny, oh this cracks me up,
I sure hope that orange cleaner works and I too have heard that it works on a lot of things and with it being a brand new washer omg.
I sure hope he never puts anything in your washer or dryer without consulting you first, wow. gl with it HB9,
I wish ya the best hun,

2010-06-17 18:21:41


Thx anonoymous guy! I read were that works.I'm going to have my son get some tomorrow because I have to drive about 35 miles to get it. Small town and he can use the driving time to think about his brain fart that he had.

2010-06-17 18:02:05

Viewing 1-20 of 26 comments