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Pokerstars.COM version Restored for USA Players.

37 2011-07-25 07:42:31
As many of us already know, about a month ago, a Pokerstars Update intentionally broke the application for USA & USA territories use. (pretty shitty trick since we couldn't play anything but play chips anyhow.) I wrote an e-mail to p-stars support concerning the issue and the continual re-direct to the .NET download. I finally got a very non-responsive reply around 72hrs later stating blah, blah, wonk, wonk, crappity crap. Sorry for the .... try our .NET, no feature software instead if you wish to still play. I was far from amused by this reply. My experience with most of the players from the .NET world of P-stars is dealing with the maniac, push-n-pray, coinflip cowboys. Sorry, but Prefer playing poker. I decided to look for a working solution to restore access to the P-stars.COM version with all of the features we've come to enjoy. I had a "Eureaka" moment and thought, what is the first application luanched when you start up Pokerstars ? It's the P-stars update application. ;) A few search terms later and I found what i was looking for. Direct download from the P-stars updater site itself. yes

Here's what you do to Restore a fully functional Pokerstars.com.

(a) Sh-h-h-h. don't tell P-stars, or it's back to Jokerstars.NET for all of us.

1. Uninstall the total piece of sh*t, .NET version.

2. Download and run http://update.pokerstars.com/pokerstarsinstall.exe

3. Launch and update will restore you to the full functioning .COM version

Enjoy it while this fix lasts. I know I do.





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Hi all tks i have PS.com grest I tried to have it on my IMac os x but it was in window
version and couldn't open it
is there a way to have it on Mac ?


2014-01-27 20:05:47


Thanks a Million! ( play bux :( ) for the link....

2013-12-18 01:33:36


Thanks for the heads-up on Pokerstars updates. Mine updated fairly recently, but no
downgrade to the .NET, no feature POS version. Anyhow, Glad to hear that the Update link
still does the trick. Here's hoping that the P-stars networking folks don't clue into this
little work around anytime soon. (Or, maybe they're intentionally leaving the "backdoor"
open so we're not, as you put it previously, "stuffed back into the kiddie pool.")

2011-11-10 03:03:38


They gave me the ol' forced downgrade again today, but this link still clears it up!!!

2011-11-09 06:19:14


Thank you for the reply and confirming that the software works for MAC users.
( I'm presuming the "Up & running!!! means you have the .COM version again.)
If this is true, don't forget to let other MAC users know so they can get back the
fully functional .COM version as well. I'm Glad the download worked out for you.

2011-10-20 05:31:33


Up and running!!!

2011-10-20 04:06:14


Thank You Angelluv725. I'm glad you found the .COM update workaround useful. The latest
batch of request's and replies have concerned finding a viable copy for MAC users. I
posted a reply with links and PM'd Erisees1,(old.rb's.com) with several possibles, but got
no reply as to whether it worked or not. (for a friend using Mac.)
I've Google'd a few search terms that have produced, what appear to be, Mac Versions that
should work. Just waiting for a response from Erisees1, or izzy1s to Confirm whether they
work or not.

Nice "Bumper gif" btw.

2011-10-18 04:35:33


I read this a few months ago and got back on . com, Thanks for sharing !


2011-10-18 04:21:00


Oh come on Joe, half my reply and links are missing for Christ sakes.
izzi1: Search on google with -> pokerstarsinstall.dmg OR pokerstarsinstall.pkg.zip and
you'll find 400+ hits to work with.
Try the download post from pocket 5's that was dated July 7th, 2011. (direct link. just tested it again and working.)

Here's hoping this shows up

2011-10-18 03:46:14


Well, there are several alternatives available for finding a working copy of the
Pokerstars.COM version for MAC.
Always a way to find what you're looking for with the aid of Google and what the P-stars
site gives you to work with.
EG: pokerstarsinstall.dmg

2011-10-18 03:37:57


Unfortunately, the pokerstars.com/poker/download/mac/" target="_blank">http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/download/mac/ just takes me to the FBI warning when I click the download
Mac version.

2011-10-17 14:15:23


Well, it seems that, other than US players not being able to play on the Real $ tables, SNG's, MTT's, etc, the Pokerstars.COM updater is working as it had before, making this temporary workaround no longer, at least for the moment, neccessary.
As for the Question posted by Erisees , Have your friend see if the .COM version for MAC will update properly. Hopefully, your friend still has a copy of the .COM version if he/she installed the, (POS .NET version.) Same instructions as above will remove the .NET El Crappo special.
Navigate to http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/download/mac/ and see if it'll play nice or not.

2011-10-04 09:58:57


I never had to download the .net version so for me the .com has always been working but here's a bump for ya

2011-10-04 09:41:30


2011-10-04 09:35:41


Does this link work on a mac?

2011-10-04 07:08:16


Railbird image uploaded: Feb 20, 2010 3:03 pm

2011-09-14 15:50:58



2011-09-04 21:18:14


A Shameless Bump For those that may not have seen this yet and wish to have the full version of P-Stars.COM back in functioning order.

2011-08-01 14:03:44


I keep sending links to this page to friends!   THANK YOU!!

2011-08-01 02:08:39


Thanks that worked great!!!

2011-08-01 01:48:07

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